Finding yourself,…the Art of getting lost

Finding yourself,…the Art of getting lost

Image courtesy of Michael Richard

Do you ever pine for something more? Something that can’t be bought, a restlessness to get away without leaving?

In the craze of the everyday its easy to get caught up and tied down to routine. Not leaving much room for the self to recenter. Maybe you’ve already got that covered. But your “Escape Plan,” is feeling stale.

Step Away. Find a few minutes in your day to stop and breathe. Take a different route to work. Perhaps a walk after dinner. Maybe take a photo a day of something that makes you smile.

Already out there in the great outdoors? Keep it Fresh by switching it up. Find a new trail. Join a group ride. Check with your local bike shop and see if there are any events coming up.

Photo Courtesy Michael Richard

Make it Exciting. Step further out there. Spend your indoor time planning your outdoor time. Create a group on social media that has similar interests. Challenge yourself in some way.

Stay Light. Make it fun and spontaneous.

But Most of All,…lose yourself in what you enjoy doing. Let go of your day, find your inner self. Even if you just head out in no planned direction and enjoy the path as it rolls out before you by simply just,…Getting Lost!